Introducing Reneé PR: Tech PR agency driving storytelling for founders and startups

Reneé PR is a tech-focused agency helping African founders and startups identify and tell better stories of themselves, their experiences and the products/businesses they are building.

Reneé PR Agency Launches Operations in Nigeria

With the rise of African Tech Startups in the ecosystem, there is an increasing need for founders and startups to create and implement public relations strategies that go beyond fundraising, product or partnership announcements. This is why Joyce Imiegha, a PR and Communications consultant with a passion for authentic and unfiltered storytelling, decided to set up Reneé PR, a tech-focused PR agency that aims to help brands develop and execute effective PR and Communications strategies to shape narratives and amplify the journeys of African tech founders. We will be offering a range of interoperable services, including media relations, personal branding, storytelling, crisis, communications and reputation management.

How Reneé was founded

Joyce's interest in storytelling emerged while working as a Producer on Founders Connect, a YouTube show that documents the journeys of African entrepreneurs. She observed a significant gap in the stories told of founders, despite an abundance of information on the products and startups they have built. Consequently, she founded Reneé PR with the objective of solving this problem by generating better visibility for tech founders and startups in the global marketplace through engaging and resonant storytelling.

As the global and African tech ecosystem operates at a fast pace, it is imperative for brands to remain in the spotlight, stay ahead of the competition, and build a strong presence while gaining the trust of stakeholders and increasing visibility with potential customers. Joyce continues to emphasize that stories stimulate the human brain more effectively than regular pieces of information. A unique and memorable story can help brands create better connections with their audience, differentiate their products from competitors, and inspire others who aspire to work in tech or become entrepreneurs.

Prior to our official launch

Before our official launch, we worked with and supported Nigerian tech founders and startups such as Njoku Emmanuel, Lazerpay, Busha, and Heroshe, providing resources to identify and tell inspiring, vulnerable, and life-changing stories that helped bridge the gap between them and their users, employees, investors, and the general public. We have also succeeded in securing extensive press coverage with reputable local and international media publications for our clients.

Work with Reneé PR

As we open operations to the general public, our aim is to inspire more founders to share their stories, build better personal brands, and reach their target audience more effectively to enhance their businesses' prospects. As Nigeria’s tech ecosystem continues to grow, we know our services could be vital to help Nigerian tech founders and startups gain visibility and connect with their audience through storytelling.

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